Romain Alary → Cinematographer

COMMITMENT by Neels Castillon

This is a short film directed by Neels Castillon for Mixte Magazine curated by Lacoste featuring the young ballet of Angelin Preljocaj. « Living with a dancer I know how much commitment, how much effort, how many sacrifices must be made on a daily basis to practice this art. I just have total admiration. I wanted to start by capturing the material of the choreographer then let the young dancers express themselves in total improvisation, I like the idea of ​​starting from a uniform group and then discovering each personality through their movements. We shot at the ‘pavillon noir’, a brutalist black concrete studio with unique natural light, designed by Rudy Ricciotti — We oversaturated the 16mm footage to play with the colors of Lacoste’s energetic fashion collection trying to achieve a beautiful type of abstraction. See the photoshoot here. »

choreographer — Angelin Preljocaj
head of artistic project — Guillaume Siard
dancers — Chiara D’angelo, Giorgia Marchi, Chloé Fagot, Matteo Trutat, Edouard Goux, Valen Rivat-Fournier, Leonardo Santini

music — Nils Frahm ‘Fundamentals Values’

created by Mixte Magazine
curated by Lacoste

director & photographer — Neels Castillon
production company— Motion Palace
producer — Louis Arnoux
cinematographer — Romain Alary
1st AC — Emmanuelle Benayoun
2nd AC — Mathilde Nury
photo Assitant — Ariane Longevial
gaffer — Thibault Koralewski
sound engineer — Alexandre Le Mouroux
stylist — Lara Cviklinski
stylist Assitant — Clara Pilczer
hair stylist — Quentin Nguyen
hair stylist assistant — Son Shabmixay
make-up artist — Axelle Jerina
make-up assistant — Ophélie Mirabeau

creative director — Bertrand Bras
publisher — Patrick-Antoine Hanzo
project director — Léa Ravera

post-production — Motion Palace
editor — Sébastien Rouquet
mix — Yann Rouquet
color Grading — Jacky Lefresne @ Hervebays

location — Pavillon Noir
camera & lenses — Rvz
film lab — Silverway Paris