Romain Alary → Cinematographer

Bruises – Calcio Storico Film

Get a glimpse at the most violent tradition in Firenze, Italia. Dive in the Calcio Storico.
Each year the city of Firenze is the stage of a violent battle between 4 districts, 4 churches, 4 colors.

Raffaele fights for the Bianchis, to perpetuate the tradition, to defend his pride even if his love is at stake.
With Diletta INNOCENTI FAGNI & Raffaele D’ELIGIO

Directed by Koya KAMURA & Matthias JENNY
DOP : Romain ALARY
Steadycam : Remi QUILICHINI
Narrated by Ann CHRISTINE
Executive Producer : Silvia DAL DOSSO (Mirror Prod Firenze)
Sound designer : Nicolas BESSE (The Mixmen)
Colorist : Muriel ARCHAMBAUD (Back Up)

Raffaele D'ELIGIO

Fight tradition in Firenze

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Firenze Calciostorico Florence Tradition

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